Secure Hosted Exchange

As a small to mid-sized business or medical professional you should be able to grow with the same tools as companies with thousands of employees and million dollar budgets. Since business is now conducted around the clock from anywhere on the globe, email communication has become critical to success.

Email Archiving Options Now Available! See below for details.


Enterprise Hosted Email

Enterprise email security included (just as it should be). All inbound and outbound email is scanned for mail born threats.

Sync Included!

Outlook, Mobile, Tablets all in sync all the time...automatically. Business communication realized as only Hosted Exchange can provide.

SSL Encryption

With our Included end-to-end encryption service your messages are always safe and secure. Only the intended recipient can log in and retrieve the secure message.

Exchange Services

Why settle for “no-frills,” small business email like yahoo, gmail, or hotmail that lacks features and security essential for the success of any business? Dolphin Computers Online hosted Exchange service enables you to increase efficiency and productivity with anytime, anywhere access to email, shared calendars, contacts, tasks, and attachments via any internet-enabled computer or a mobile device.

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Email Archiving
Secure Data

You need email – but how much time and money could you save if you didn’t have to think about your email service? Finding a company to manage your move to the Cloud with Managed Hosted Microsoft® Exchange is easy when driven by the Dolphin Computers team of setup experts.

And once you’ve made the switch, you have a fully-managed, fully-functional business email solution without any investment in hardware, software, implementation, security, facility adjustments, or maintenance. Your email just works, so you can get on with running your business or medical practice.

Stay Connected with Active Sync.

Managed Hosted Exchange from Dolphin Computers is specially designed for businesses or Medical practices of any size. Our Managed Hosted Exchange solution comprises corporate-class hosted email, shared calendaring, and task and contact capabilities across all your devices or share with other people in your organization.

Users are easily added or deleted from the account through our intuitive administrator Control Panel, so you only pay for the mailboxes you need.

DCS Cloud Archiving Services

DCS Cloud Archiving Service provides cloud-based archiving of email, enabling organizations to meet demanding compliance requirements and address eDiscovery requests effectively and easily. Ideal for organizations using our cloud-based Exchange email services, DCS stores archived email in a separate, secure repository for as long as needed without risk of corruption or deletion.

Available as a low cost option, adding a subscription to the DCS Cloud Archiving Service is the easiest path to protecting sensitive business communication and meeting email compliance requirements. With DCS, compliance is easy to demonstrate, and clients can have read only access to search and retrieve archived email at any time from any device.