Multi-Layered Protection

Companies and Medical Offices – from small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs) to large enterprises – are grappling with unprecedented levels of cyber-attacks, all seemingly targeting a companies most valued asset – their corporate data. Last year more than 575 million data records were lost or stolen from Cyber-Attacks and Ransomware.


Secure Business Firewall

From Intrusion Prevention, Web Filtering, Spam and Virus Scanning, Device Monitoring, Firewall and Application Control.

Barracuda Email Protection

All inbound and outbound email traffic protected from email-borne threats and viruses through Barracuda Networks.

Anti-Virus Protection

Award-wining multi-layer protection unmatched in the industry for PC & Sever deployments using Webroots Endpoint Protection.


There is no question that security attacks targeting your organization will continue to grow and evolve. The question is, how can you respond to malware and other risks without unnecessarily constraining your workforce? How can you get beyond the fear and anxiety that leads to excessive prohibition, prevention, blocking, and excluding – so that you can use security technology to both protect and secure your network?

The answer is with a multi-layered defense – one that uses advanced security technologies and sophisticated operational practices in combination to cover the full spectrum of threat vectors. It is critical to understand the importance of multi-layered defense in today’s fast-changing web environment, and key considerations in implementing an effective multi-layered defense strategy.

Securing the Web
Multi-Layered Defense
Secure Data

You need email – but how much time and money could you save if you didn’t have to think about your email service? Finding a company to manage your move to the Cloud with Managed Hosted Microsoft® Exchange is easy when driven by the Dolphin Computers team of setup experts.

And once you’ve made the switch, you have a fully-managed, fully-functional business email solution without any investment in hardware, software, implementation, security, facility adjustments, or maintenance. Your email just works, so you can get on with running your business or medical practice.


Since computers and networks can be infected from a variety of attack points, the days of single-point detection belong to the past. The rise of new, dynamic web threats and APTs demands a multi-layered security architecture that maximizes coverage to ensure best-in-class enterprise security.

Organizations must deploy combinations of security mechanisms to maximize their attack coverage. That means not only using multiple security technologies in multiple layers of the environment, but also deploying good operational practices, such as applying updates and patches in a timely manner and demanding that suppliers provide fast fixes to vulnerabilities.

Management and Monitoring

From an anti-virus (AV) perspective, your multi-layer defense should include coverage at the desktop, server and network levels. Industry standards such as PCI (Payment Card Industry) have strict requirements around what AV protection must be put in place in specific verticals. And quite often businesses want assurances you are doing all you can to prevent a security breach. As a result, a multi-layered approach makes sense from a security perspective and a business perspective, helping you mitigate risks to your organization and your brand.

Equally important, it is beneficial to take advantage of the multi-layered security options offered by Dolphin Computers. This will ensure that, in the event of a new virus outbreak, you will have the best chance of receiving complete protection through several prevention layers. We can setup a multi-layered security scheme that best fits your business needs.